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Where are Mammoths?

This week’s Hybrid Pursuit creature is supposed to be the Mammoth. I’ve deployed every single Giga Scent Capsule I’ve gotten this week. I have only seen ONE Mammoth!!! That has been the only one I have in my area. I am angry about this. I expected it to be far more frequent. My Mammoth is only level 12 and only just reached it after that one Mammoth. If this disturbing lack of Mammoths continues, I won’t even get close to hybridizing it. When I mentioned I had only seen one Mammoth on my Alliance chat, another, who is far more diligent in pursuing wild creatures than I am reported the same.
PLEASE fix this and increase the frequency of the Mammoth or at least remedy it by giving out a free Mammoth DNA incubator. I was looking forward to this one and have been met with overwhelming disappointment.

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Mammoths are no longer in the game. They were for the winter and that was it. For a limited time of 2 weeks and then poof. So you will not find a Mammoth from now on. Just have to FIP it in the sanctuary

well, it is the mammoth part of they hybrid pursuit. I’ve seen a total of 3 mammoths and pulled only one from a giga scent.

Oh ok I could be wrong

no biggie. with how scarce the mammoths are, you wouldn’t even know there was a hybrid pursuit going on.

I only found 2 Mammoths ever in this game when it started. About as elusive as a sasquatch riding a rainbow farting unicorn into a field of shamrocks and dancing leprechauns.


Only seen 2 mommoth this week. Need more for mammolania.

Found 2 so far both at night. Need more of them.

I’ve seen 3 in total, not drawn any with Giga scents though

Got 2 from the wild, but none on 2 epic scents and 3 Giga scents run so far.

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Mine were just from the wild. I’ve had none from scents

Mammoths are where Rhinos were during their pursuit. Nowhere


You’re just unlucky. If you keep scenting, you will probably get them eventually. It’s the same with all the Epic pursuits.
I’ve seen like 3 so far.


I’ve had between 8 and 10 - mixture of wild and from gigas


I found one of course it wasn’t in range :confused:

I have actually found 10 total … this is the first hybrid pursuit epic that I have ever found this many times :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve got about a dozen so far. However, I only get one per epic scent I use. So far haven’t gotten two or more

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The giga scents have certainly made the epic hybrid pursuits much more fruitful - I’m going to miss them when they are gone.

Did you know they differ from normal scents in that if the creatures disappear because they have left the circle you can get them back by returning to the spawn site? Found that out by accident when I missed a carbo and then went back for it thinking it was a regular spawn. Edit - ok, apparently normal scents do that too - 2 years playing and I never knew that :rofl:


Really? @PQC I never knew that…:grin: I’m gonna try that out at some point…I learn something new everyday

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1 hour 40 min into a giga scent and this is my 2nd. One wild as well earlier today. SW UK must be prime Mammoth hunting grounds.