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Where are my 24 hour incubators?


It used to be that every five 8 hr incubators, it would alternate between a 12 hour and 24 hour:
So (3,15m,3,3,8)x5, 12, (3,15m,3,3,8)x5, 24, ad nauseum.
Now it skips every other 24 hour incubator so that 9 or 10 of those sets are between two 12 hour incubators. Is this the new arrangement, or have I been cheated out of some 24 hour incubators? This has happened to me no less than three times, and there’s basically not enough reward to enter the arenas lately.


I dont battle much anymore, but I highly doubt that ludia changed the pattern.
Its more than likely you started the pattern at the wrong time, or just bad luck.


Every five 8hr incub it alternates between 12, 24, 12, 8. The last cycle is actually an extra 8


So, they did replace the 24 with an 8? I remember getting 24 hrs way more often than I do now.


No, it’s like a mountain climb. Bottom and the way up are 8, halfway up you get a 12, more 8 as you climb, then a 24 at the top. Then you start down the mountain and pick them up in the same places.

Specific response to your question, I have not noticed a change but I get 24 less frequently because I am not as focused on avoiding any lulls between incubator activity as I used to.


This could be a case of Mandela effect too…


A full cycle is 100 battles and you get one 24hr and two 12hr incubs. Someone posted a useful chart a while back somewhere in the forums.


Well, then I guess my point is that the current state of the arenas isn’t worth one epic incubator every 100 wins.


This… I used to never had a period where I didnt have an inc running and have had multiple 24 hour incs a week at times speeding incs up… now im lucky if their is an inc running when i wake up and its been a few weeks since Ive seen a 24 hr… but its not a change to the game but a change to my playing



I haven’t seen it change since I started playing, always been the same.