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Where are my Alliance Missions and Weekly Reward?!

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Bug Description: My alliance’s Weekly Rewards were not rewarded, nor do we see this week’s Alliance Missions.

Area is was found in: Weekly Mission tab

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Go to the Alliance Missions tab
Step 2 - Look. It’s blank.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Every time for everyone on our team. Other alliances are reporting the same issue, but some see the missions just fine.

What type of device are you using: iPhone

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


My alliance missions page is empty… not to mention I didn’t get to collect my rewards before the maintenance. Anyone? Thanks.

Same for my alliance.

Hello, everyone. I’m sorry to hear about this. The team has been made aware and they’re looking into this matter. Your patience is appreciated!

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Thanks Ronald,

Same here…not for me, but for my son.
Device: iPhone

Same problem for me and others in my alliance… At least three of us have Android (Samsung) devices…

My whole alliance is missing their 10/10 rewards from last week and no one can see the Exploration/Defense Missions for this week. We have been 10/10 for months and months… so I’m hoping last week’s can be recovered, and fully compensated for this week’s inconvenience because we have been 10/10 for several months now. Since it’s the whole team, it’s affecting our Apples, Androids, everything. Still no word for a fix on the forum posts or any of the tickets we’ve sent in the game :frowning:

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Same for me in my alliance since the update.
No incubators for last weeks alliance missions, and this week the page is blank. It’s really frustrating.


Is there anything new about this problem? Still no rewards and the next week is almost over…

Have you restarted - ours started finally about 2 hours ago

This week’s Alliance missions have appeared for my alliance, thank goodness, but we’re still missing out on last week’s rewards, and the rewards for this week. (That’s missing rewards from 7/20 and 7/27)

@PQC, restarted now…I can see the alliance missions, that’s fine! No rewards of last 2 weeks… :disappointed_relieved:

As far as I can tell if you were online and in the alliance when they fixed it you didn’t get the opportunity to collect last weeks rewards (pre-update). If you opened the game or joined the alliance you could.

At least its fixed for this week.

Hello DPG members, please rest assured that the team is still working on the Alliance Mission Rewards. We will let you know once the issue has been fixed. Your patience is appreciated!