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Where are my coins going?


Just bought coin with in-game cash, and raised my bank to 11500 or so. Then after returning to the map, I started seeing the amount dropping. It stopped at 11470-something and I was wondering if someone out there could have hacked me in such a way that they can drain coins…

If they can make hack tools to get unlimited resources, who’s to say they can’t also come up with a way to skim from other players?

These people make me sick.

This is yet another hacker trick that everyone should be on the lookout for. @dinolord, did anything you found on the internet have mention of this skimming other players’ coinage in their warez descriptions?


Are you sure you didn’t create some hybrid DNA? That can cost 20-30 coins at a time.


Nope. I had nothing going on. I just bought coins in batches of 2500 until I got my bank caught up. The Euplo was the only level up I did today - and that was BEFORE I bought any coinage.


Oh, it just shows your current gold already when you buy it … but the moment you click on the card it goes back down and shows it’s rising animation.


It never did that, it just kept going down, down, down. It wasn’t going up at any time. The only time it went up was when I added coin. Then it went back down, like someone was taking bits of it at a time. It never once went back up by itself.


I just opened an incub. The coins went up, then no drain. If this were a bug, it would have kept draining coins after they got added. Or the distinct possibility of a hacker getting greedy.

I’ll keep an eye on this, as it wasn’t acting like a typical bug.


This is new , but can be done depending on the security of Ludia servers even if strong bots can be created to pull money from accounts as they do push money onto them. But I wouldn’t understand the reason as to why they would if they can generate it why would they need to pull it?
I told everyone they were generating coins no one listened really. In game bots are common throughout every game so they can sell them. It’s the crooked side of gaming . Sad and ruins games .




How much coinage have your Bots pulled in total? curiouser and curiouser nowz.


Yeah sometimes this also happens when you get coins from supply drops and you tap it too rappidly for the game to register them. Then you have to go to another supply drop and hope to get more coin in order for the game to recount the coins.


No, I bought coins from the store, in game. 60 green for 2500 coin each time. As for how much was taken, the amount would vary. I click the button, coins are bought. I see them added, then they go down by maybe (this is a guess, as i couldn’t really SEE how much was being skimmed at the time)1000, 500, 1000, 250.

I started with about 6900 in my game account to begin with. I added 10000 coin. I should have had it at around 16900 when it was done, but it left me with somewhere in the ballpark of maybe 14500 because it would dip into what was being added each time after adding coin to my account. (At no time was I evolving a dino or anything requiring coinage)

If this were a simple bug or store glitch, I could understand. But it looked like someone was taking bits of my cash incrementally, trying to not be noticed.

This was the first time I have bought anything at the in-game store, and if Ludia doesn’t fix whatever this is, I won’t be buying more from the store.


Who’s bots dude what are u talking about ?


This rogue factor guy is going around threads saying this person is a spoofer and a bot and so is this person! He’s a clown doesn’t know what he’s talking about and it’s annoying !

I’ve been on this server since before beta and can tell you who spoofs because they post pictures of it
You must have proof before you accuse people of that dude grow up! Everyone on this server that’s important knows who I am and that I’m the one who started the war against these other clowns that spoof and bot .

You probably don’t even know how it’s done!
Understand what your saying before you speak !



@Dalek62771 that was directed at the other guy lol :joy:


I kinda figured that.


Probably a glitch since coins do not update until you refresh your game.
If it was someone trying to steal from you, it would make more sense for the coins to drop instantly, and not incrementally, since there is no point in doing extra work just for that. If you restart your game you will always get your true coin value


I didn’t get the missing coin back. That’s the point. I restarted the game, and it was right at the same coinage level from after the drops.

If this was just glitching, I can understand and hope Ludia gets this fixed.

If it was a hack, it was done by a noob who obviously thought he was being sneaky by taking the coin a little at a time. If this was the case, they need to shut down every single hack or spoof app that’s out there.


The thing is, there are no coin hacks currently for this game. All of these things are verified by the server. Hacking into ludia servers is not going to be easy… if you are that experienced at hacking you would target something more valuable.
The coin counter is fairly buggy at times and doesn’t always update, so it may have displayed more coins than you actually did have


You know they had major issues with online casinos doing this it’s called “skimming of the top” low amounts so players don’t notice but over time it’s on a massive scale . Read online about it …



No In game hacks 90% of coin generators are fake and they are just spamming you with ads and offers!
Dont fall for those. As for the pictures I’ve seen of people with 700,000 coins and another with over 3 million that ones to question but I suppose there are rich people playing LoL but as for spoofers they are everywhere’s its not hard to figure that out. Gps fake location works on a lot of games like pogo and jurassic world alive which is a focus they need to take in eliminating .



100% of coin generators are fake.