Where are the Barry's


Can’t find any where does he spawn. Any help please


Except for the one day when I saw 4 spawn within 15 minutes, all near last week’s Bary themed strike towers, I’ve never seen any spawn in the wild. Metahub has a spawn guide and they say it’s a global night/dusk/dawn spawn. Good luck man!


I normally catch 3 or 4 a week. Mostly at night. In random places. I live in charlotte nc usa


Just found Bary twice last night, in an 2 hours bicycle riding.


I got 12(I don’t know how) two nights ago, they’re like velociraptors they just spawn anywhere, nothing causes them to spawn around different buildings. Night is the only thing that makes them spawn.


Definitely a night spawn and I have noticed most of the ones I found weren’t spawning near Supply Drops. Good luck