Where are the coins?


I have 20 Dino’s that need evolving etc I have 1k in coins.
I’m not spending cash, this is a cash grab as it is with unbalanced dinos.
I mean c’mon… 20 dinos!


And VIP is not the answer, again real cash. I’m capped on supply drops also.
Coming back tomorrow is not the answer either


Don’t level all your dinos, just the ones you need


Spend your money wisely; and not on everything at once. Once you start leveling up coin cap increases and you will be able to evolve more.

Play actively every day and try to hit the max coin cap; fight in arena and open incubators every day. Good luck!

Vip actually is the answer to save time; double the amount of money and 1800~ CASH / month. So you do get some serious cash from being a VIP.


You get 2x coins as vip so it is kinda the answer. Only use cash to buy coins. Spin nonstop until you see it say max reached for coins and cash every day