Where are the double gems

I get an in game mail saying that there are double rewards for tapjoy, But when i go to tapjoy it is normal. What gives?

It happened again today, got the mail but still no double gems. Whats going on?

This weekend it is meant to be 50% more gems but again tap joy has no increase. Are others seeing this?

Hi there herpderp! If you’re encountering Tapjoy issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to Tapjoy support for assistance:


Tapjoy support are pretty much useless. Does anyone else use tapjoy and have you noticed the increased rewards not happening?

Can anyone confirm if they have 50% increased rewards on their offer wall?

I don’t use tapjoy. The very first time I tried it aí got some gems for watching a commercial and playing a game demo. After that though every time I have checked I have to sign up or download something. I am not going to do that.

After a considerable amount of back and forth with tapjoy support I have come to the conclusion that warriors of waterdeep is incorrectly sending out notifications saying there are increased rewards in tapjoy when this is not the case. Can you please fix this?

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