Where are the epic dinos


Very rarely see epic or legendary dinos on my map, seems to be to many common dinos


that’s probably why it’s called an epic and not a common lmao, I find about 1 or 2 after 1-2 hours of searching


You cant find legendary in wild only by fuse. I found 3-5 epic per day but I play a lot . I really mean lot :slight_smile:


first u say u cant find legendary in the wild then u say u found a few… why u talk bs?


Your lack of understanding doesn’t equate to BS.

Neither one of those say they found a legendary. They found epics. Legendary can’t be found. Comprehend more before you take that tone with people who are volunteering helpful information.


He said you can’t find legendary in wild. He found epics. Legendary are red bordered start at lvl 16. Epic are yellow. They are just random spawns. I see 1 epic for about every 30 rarest. You can find rare/epic hybrids which surprised me. I honestly feel you shouldn’t be able to find hybrids, only fuse.


@Gulgoth be creative :stuck_out_tongue: imagine someone created a hybrid and it ran away so youre finding it :joy: