Where are the epics?

Am I the only one who has noteiced this. But the epics have disappeared. The last epic I saw was miasaura, 1 week ago. Not even the common epics like baryonyx or trex. Am I the only person that this has happened to?


It seems so, I found Kentro, Ourano and a wild Erlik all today, even saw a T-Rex too far away to get. Sometimes they just don’t appear for awhile, but you’ll see them appear eventually.

Normal pattern for me. At most 2 days a week have epics. In a totally rubbish week today has been great. 2 Erlik non event, 1 Anky, 1 pyro. Hope it continues.

We’ve been seeing some lately. Nodopatosaurus brachiosaurus baryonyx spinosaurus

oppisite for me I found concave bary anky gen one and amargocephalus and brachy

Saw a Sino and Smilodon today. But I’ve been seeing lots of Trex, Kentro, Concave, and Bary…