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Where are the event rares?

Looking at this week’s schedule (and normally every week) rares attempts should have last till saturday. I don’t see any rares, just indominus. I programmed my week gameplay based on the schedule and now i can’t dart at the rare ones. Quite disappointed…
It is just my account or not?

Hey Marco_A, could you try closing and relaunching your game and see if you’re able to see them?

That does bring them back but it seems to be a lottery if you come back with your old score or are reset to 0/18 …

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i did it, thanks. Now i see them. i asked because yesterday the timer was counting as if they would have ended today… Now i see them but with 0/18 attempt. I had 8/18 till today at 15…did the count reset?

I don’t believe the count had reset but…“free” DNA? :sweat_smile:

I’ll notify our team, thanks!


During hollydays i also sometimes loose track of what weekday it is…glad its not only me :o)

I’m having the same issue. I’m seeing rares under the green drops, and all the indoms have disappeared before I managed to dart one!

My event rare are showing as 18/18 as I darted them all thinking the timer was correct.

Yes…no green supplystops for 1 hour and then Indo showed up and 1 hour later the rare ones came back but counter reset to 0 attempts…i had managed to get 10 before the “reset”

Mine didn’t reset :triumph:

maybe its only the one of us who didnt manage to find enough green drops to complete the 18. To bad there are no irritators this time… :rofl:

I did all 18 attempts before the map reset this morning. However my second account didn’t complete all attempts, and that one is reset to 0/18!
I guess if you didn’t do all attempts, you might be lucky enough to do them again!

My 1/18 got reset to 0. Yay.

I was 18/18 as of Wednesday and then mine “reset” to 0/18 when the rares came back on the map…

Interesting. Some users got reset, some did not. I have to reinstall anytime I shut the game down or it will not load, so mine is as reset as it can get.

Yea mine didn’t get reset, so that means some people got another 18 chances?

Yup. I didnt get the reset. Some got a reset and some didnt. Some got a total of 36 attempts, others only 18. Oh Ludia. These bugs benefit some players while the rest get nothing. How “fair”.

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I was able to dart 18 more today

Mine never did reset to zero.

Congratulations to all that it did happen to though! I hope you got some DNA you could use or was valuable to someone in your alliance.

Yea that’s crazy. I darted 5 last night at close to Max range around my house because I could only find 13 in town and figured the timer was right…