Where are the full patch notes PLEASE


Everyone is talking about how this Dino got a Buff/Nerf, but the notes I read didn’t go into this detail. Can someone please let me know where to find this info please please please

Rip gorgo

Click on the secret Black ilumminati confirmed triangle. Everything Alex Jones said is real.


It’s very easy to miss. I was told about the triangle too and repeatedly looked for it and eventually spotted it after looking about 10 times! So easy to miss. The screenshot helps a lot more showing people what to look for!

I think they should just display all content in one long announcement rather than hide stuff that they know people will be interested in!


Are people missing their patriarchy meetings? Always tap triangles.


I also missed that stupid thing! :point_right::point_left: I am guilty I thought it was the list icon like the dots on the SOCIAL list… :flushed:

And now i saw also that I can simply click on the sentence “See BATTLE details” … :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I missed it too :smiley:


There are triangles inside the text that opens up inside the triangles. How deep is the rabbit hole?


They could just put EVERYTHING under those triangles so that people know how to do it and not feeling so dumb, instead of having some displayed and some not!


Thanks guys. What a depressing read though. No good news in there for my squad :confused: good update just didn’t do my team any favours