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Where are the green drops?

They have disappeared entirely. Yesterday there were dozen of them and it is not only the drops but strike towers. There are only scent strikes every where.

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Yes, the Events,. Towers, and Alliance rewards are all broken.

This is normal for Monday’s. There’s a one hour gap between the previous week and the new week.

Only one word to explain; Incompetence.

If there’s a one hour delay, why there is the Scent strike tower, but not the others?

I can see the Scent tower. But not others. No Green drops as well.

Top of the hour just came and green drops are everywhere, just like it always works.

Im glad that they were just really delayed here. Better delayed than never.

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There are still less green stops… cool and this on irri Event…

Now I really think it’s no mistake…I think they just wanted to nerf the stops

Same here, I only see two around me. There’s way more normal ones that could have been a green drop.

Another day and still hardly a green drop in sight. I think there are a few less today, since it is the “rare” day and not the “common” dinos. I did see one in the middle of a major, 6 lane interstate, and 2 INSIDE one of the local hospitals. That’s right, INSIDE the middle of the building.My husband drives 130 miles round trip every day to work and he sees the same thing…barely a green on the horizon. Sounds like it was fixed for a couple of people, what about the rest of us? I can’t keep burning through $15 a day in gas, driving around to hit stops and catch the event dinos.

I’ve seen very few green stops today and I’ve traveled over 30 miles.