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Where are the hard-cash links?

Hello JWA community. I’m wondering where is it that you find the links to get the daily hard cash bonuses? I want to be able to forward the information to my Alliance so they can benefit from this as well.

Ypu gotta watch Gamingbeaver and Pokefodder’s video in the description to get 10-50 hardcash. You can also get them in JWA discord, JWA twitter and Facebook too.

you can sometimes get them here under the Kieth’s Corner section.
You can also get them from JWA’s Facebook Page and their Twitter.
Poke Fodder, the youtuber also sometimes gives out HC for watching his videos.

Also today I’ve received 100 HC for staying indoors via e-mail. Not sure what’s up with that, because others from the alliance didn’t get it.

Where can you sign up to be added to the email list?

I don’t know, I might have signed up for something when they gave 200 HC. Something to do with this
But I’m not sure where the subscription part was, someone gave me a link some time ago.

I signed up for the 200 hard cash as well and today received an email for the 100 hard cash. Thank ya. Lol

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How do I locate the JWA discord page?

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Its run by the gamepress people. Ask @Piere87 or go to the gamepress website and go to the JWa section and at the bottom there is a link to the server.

In the discription of Pokefodder, press discord to be accepted or go to gamepress and press discord.