Where are the marine reptiles?


Hi, just wondered if are any plans to introduce some marine reptiles? Would be cool to get these in the sea or water generally, was hoping to see some when I went to the beach but just regular dinosaurs walking around on the water!


Marine Dino’s? How would you battle them?
The better question, where are all the flying ones?
I would love for them to add some mammals into the game in the future, like a sabertooth or a whooly mammoth.


It’s Jurassic World, not Cenozoic world. That’s why they won’t introduce mammalian megafauna.


What about Titanoboa? That would be nice to see.


Hmm…sea reptiles like Mosasaurus or Plesiosaurus might not recently appear in this game.
But you can check on metahub, Pterosaurs will possibly released soon.
Also got some hybrids.


But…still got some Cenozoic reptiles in this game, such as Purussaurus :crocodile: & Gryposuchus :crocodile: .
Not main characters though.


It would also throw the game way off balance. Imagine an arena battle where your dino is fending off a mastodon. The stats for these huge creatures would overpower the dinos. I also think that it’s wrong to mix these two separate animal types, as they were separated by a HUGE honking asteroid impact. They never coexisted. Bringing them into the mix would send the wrong message scientifically, and it would also go against the film canon.


Yes because there is no realism problem with the game today with huge dinos going up against quite small ones like the diplocaulus.


Or the pronated hands, lets not forget the pronated hands.

The one question on my mind regarding marine reptiles is their implementation. What criteria would the game use to determine which area of water is suitable for spawning? I’m all for finding aquatics in my local parks lake, but the lake doesn’t even show up on the map. You would be limited to the massive areas of water, which provides a distinct advantage to anyone living near them.


If the new creature other than dinosaurs added, I recommend the Arthropleura and Meganeura
Ancient insects are cool, too!


Meganeura…I’m getting Ark flashbacks. Stupid bugs.

If we are looking for more variety in the creatures available to capture, I recommend they have a look at what the Triassic period has to offer. There were some truly weird animals alive back then. After all they have the Dimetrodon, an animal that existed during the early Permian. The era before the Triassic.


Diplo was an amphibian, not a dino. Both it and koola were basically giant salamanders. They lived alongside the dinos, but weren’t dinos.


And you missed my point completely.