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Where are the MetaHub pros on the leaderboard now?

So i thought Pocemon was supposed to be the best legit? And Triceratops was supposed to be good too. But all i see on the tournament leaderboards are spoofers who escaped the ban hammer. Poce still posts videos of him beating players with level 15 nodopatos but can’t get in the top 10 :thinking:

Hey we have 19 days for Ludia to :joy:ban:joy: the hackers. No need for crossing fingers, they will just make new accounts and cheat again. The game is done now. The only redeeming feature is strike events. I vote remove pvp and focus on strike events.

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Since someone let the word out that he is actually on contract with Ludia to promote the game, I can see why he’d be slipping into the shadows now. He hyped it up, tournament is let’s say less than stellar, so going mum is the best call. Honestly Ludia, Who threw this tournament together all helter skelter? Take them out back and kick the crap out of them. Please. I did say please, so don’t get all worked up.


It’s still the first day. Not everyone is trying to blast to the top. I only did 4 battles to get incubators so far. Did he ever claim to be the best player, or just end up with the #1 spot in the mix of all the 5000s?

Has anyone taken a look at the amount of trophies needed for the top of the leaderboard now? 24k!!!
How are legit players, the Metahub crew and even the last tournament winner even able to compete?!!

Also it seems to me that Metahub has somewhat gone down the pan recently, yes they announce weekly events, but way less useful information than they used to publish. :-/

Yeah, ever since the two new arenas were added, and the trophy limit skyrocketed, all of our favorite legit players got screwed over, no doubt about it.

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…and still banned players going against regular players in the tournament.

Getting old.

Are you being sarcastic or you really think banned players/flagged cheaters are able to compete with legit player? How do you know they were banned/flagged? What proof do you have?

95% of the opponents I face are ranked players and I didn’t remember seeing a single flagged cheater (non-ranked) in this tournament


They’ve come out with some good info lately. I always check metahub or Pocemon’s channel for new info before getting it from Ludia.


You’re right, cheating doesn’t exist…No proof.
There aren’t any people playing with zero trophies against legit players.
Cheating isn’t possible in this game.

Isnt the 0 trophies because they havent done pvp since the tournament started?

So I dropped a few arenas.

People do that.

You point was what, exactly?

That is indeed a visual glitch!!
Since the trophy of that opponent is not being counted, it shows at the bottom of your list.

Try checking again after some time(preferably after restarting app). The opponent will appear with proper trophies and also show correctly ordered as per ranking.

Nobody said one cannot cheat in this game. The might be some third party apps/hacks. But ludia had done a good job of flagging cheaters and most of them have been banned.
Those who were flagged but not banned, cannot participate in this tourney.

This is a sample of my clean opponent list. All are ranked and no flagged cheaters!!
Earlier, my opponent No.2 Cloudtig** was showing as 0 trophies. That doesn’t mean he is a hacker. It was a visual glitch which got corrected after some time!!

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Those people were high on the list because there was a trophy cap.
With a decent team and rng on your side for some battles, you hit 5000 and just stop battling.

With the old system, if you win 10 matches at 5000 and lose 1 after, you’d still be lower than someone hitting 5k with the last win.

This system better reflects strength per trophy, and despite tactical strenth, their teams just arent powerful enough.

In a game where there is more often then not a visual glitch in atleast every other battle… especially the speed indicator. I would always defer to the problem being a visual glitch before assuming the person you played cheated.

The AI is a different story altogether…

Also rereading the anouncements with cheaters are not ranked on the leaderboards this does not mean they have zero trophies… it means they will not show on the leaderboard even if their trophy count is high enough for them to be ranked…

While i have not seen footage from a banned account i would think they would lose and gain trophys as normal they just cannot be ranked… and are matched up against other flagged cheaters. If someone had 0 trophies and could not gain trophies they would be in arena 1 and could not advance past arena 1… so you still wouldnt be playing them at the 2700s…

It has never meant that.
Banned people were not ranked (top 500 only) and their trophies were displayed correctly.
It’s not the case anymore since we can’t fight them so we don’t have them in recent opponents list unless you have one as friend (read last tournament announcement for more information) .

And check what @torque said, he’s 100% right. And this glitch is documented since the first tournament so nothing new.
You can think whatever you want about cheating, just don’t say wrong things to try to justify…


Looks like that is correct, the player is still in friends list and now ranked with trophies.
My bad, thanks for giving me the proper information without being rude, like some others.