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Where are the Monolophosaurus


I live in one of the largest city’s in the north of the UK and have only seen 2 since the special event began and before that have only seen 1 in the last eight months. Come on LUDIA give us all a fighting chance. It’s happened before with several other special events where there have been no epic dino’s spanning in the Sheffield ENGLAND area.


Count yourself lucky to have seen two - down in the South West I have seen zero despite travelling a lot to hunt Stegos and now Tuos.

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Figure out where @Heather lives. She’s hogging them all.

Your island isn’t that big, is it? You can fit about 40 UKs into Canada. Shouldn’t take too long. Lord knows you wouldn’t be the first here to attempt to find her.


That’s slightly creepy even by your standards … :wink:

Its still about a 10 hour drive … I don’t love Mono that much.


I also live in a large city in the northeast of the UK and I’ve seen one so far.


Only slightly? I’m losing my touch.


Live in North East and seen zero


Just saw one outside my house. They’re around, but rare as any epic would be.

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Zip, nada, zilch, none, zero … still


They are waiting for you in the scent capsules


I saw one that was 350m away, or something like that. Pretty pathetic tbh.


In the past few days, I saw and darted 2 wild Mono and 1 from epic scent. Not many, but already more than normal days.


I saw one the other day.

…Compared to my usual 3 a week when the event isn’t on.


I live just south of Chicago and have been fortunate enough to find at least 10 over the last week.