Where are the offers!?

Where are the card pack offers? Where is the century pack? Come on Ludia. You gotta do better than this. When is the century pack coming back? When are the new offers gonna be here?

Seems u have bought the whole stock. Ludia had some problems restocking because of covid-19, but they assured me they do everything they can, to restock as soon as possible, so u can spent all your money again. Rest assured, they don’t sleep before the offers are back, so u better pile up on your money, because there is a large shipment of card packs coming in soon.


I can see the offers. Have you tried to restart the game?


The issue has been fixed and I have already bought 16 velociraptor gen 2 packs. So that’s 2 lvl 40s one to fuse and one to keep. Btw since I bought 16 T-rex gen 2 packs I had 2 lvl 40 gen 2 T-rexs. So I fused him and raptor gen 2 and:

Ta da!