Where are the origin ideas?


This is just my opinion, nothing else

If you wanna play just for fun, and you’re not a fanatic, it’s better to avoid this game.
Maybe it’s ok hunting dinos in the streets, but the battle system is the worst I have ever seen
Sometimes the game is cheating, and everything on depends how much money you gave to the creators.

The game lacks originalities, a cheap Pokemon Go clone, with a frustrating battle system, meanwhile the game tries to get a tons of money from you.

I often buy games or pay to the creators, when they deserve it, but this game has not a single origin idea, just clones and copies from other games, trying to force you pay a lot of money to win.

I won’t, this work does not worth a single penny.


I have to say I disagree. I haven’t made a single purchase so far, and I’m not a Jurassic/dinosaur fanatic by any means. And, definitely, the game has some big issues and problems. But I strongly disagree with your point that the battle system is bad.

Yes, it needs some changes. But to be honest, I installed the game just out of curiosity, thinking that I would uninstall it 2 days later. But when I got my hands on 4 dinosaurs and fought my first battle I was hooked. From the beginning, fighting was really, really entertaining for me, way better than I anticipated. Some dinosaurs need balancing, and the matching system needs big improvements, as I get matched with very underleveled and very overleveled opponents and that takes the fun away. And of course, if you want to be top 50, you most likely have to spend lots of money, that’s the point of the game after all, but I’m currently on arena 6, close to arena 7, and I am a free player. Loving the game, hope it improves, just saying the combat system is actually really sweet and has great potential.


Well, I guess it’s true what they say: “Opinions, everyone has one.”

Mine is different than yours, and I’ll just leave it at that.


This game is better than Jurassic World THE GAME, the system battle as been refreshed, more complexity and strategic, you don’t know what you are talking about! And about P2W, it is up to you if you wanna speed up your progression, you’re not obliged to use money.