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Where are the Sarcos going?


I kept about 10k+ Sarcosuchus DNA before update, just for the new released Sarcorixi.
But still exhausted, and now couldn’t see Sarcos everywhere.

Only Diplocaulus always pop out, other common dinos appears on different time slots.
But without Sarcos anyway.:sob:

Anyone find out where, or what time will Sarcos sapwn after ver.1.3 update?


I’ve been missing them too, but caught about 5 just now, since I’ve walked 2 miles away from my house. So you may need to travel a bit to find which local area spawn they are now. :confused:


This is soooo frustrating: I haven’t seen any nunda or Einio since last night and by the way they stayed all the time out of my drone’s reach.
My Einiasuchus was almost ready to be leveled up!


Yeah, I caught 1 einio and 1 nunda yesterday. Crazy, since I was catching 20+ a day before the update. XD


We thought numda as daily event creature is pointless before update.
Now it seems we must get all of them.:joy:


I still have sarcosuchus everywhere but my diplocaulus have left me. I didn’t collect dna at all and now she doesn’t spawn in my city anymore. So I’m gonna have a hard time with diplotator :sob:


I suddenly get millions of diplocaulus and very little sarco. Wish the update included trades!