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Where are the Sarcosuchus hiding?


Sarcosuchus used to be very common in my area and would spawn constantly. Now I can’t find one to save my life. Any clue where to find one? Area they commonly spawn?.. I’ve been over to the lake community where I grew up and don’t find them there anymore either…HELP!


They used to spawn constantly in my area, too, now I’m over run with apatasaurus. It’s great having new dinos, but I’d love for them to cycle, so I could see the old commons, too.


I’m basically 1 Sarcosuchus away from fusing a sarcorixis… it’s frustrating lol


Be on the lookout for Dilophosaurus gen 2 and Deinocherus. Sarcosuchus is part of their clique.


How do I know which local group I belong to?.. kinda think I’m in L4 from the dinos listed but how do I make sure?.. and will these group migrate/rotate?


The only way to really tell is observation. And the groups have migrated at least once already and have changed a few dinos around here and there. My area was L1 prior to the update and now it’s L4.


I got so lucky on this today. I finally found a few, and got 80 points on my fuse, which gave me the Sarcorixis.


So I have found where there at…
You can find them at anytime at a park or at a near at a pet store


I’m finding they have distinct nests. There’s a neighborhood a few miles from me that’s just swarming with suchomimis. They sometimes pop up 2-3 at a time. I’ve only seen it in this one area.