Where are the sea dinos?

I think ludia has to make a wise decision on choosing the dinos.The 2.3.20 update of recent has no any interesting dinos.and above all we have the dinos alomst from every era but where the the sea creatures (sea dinos) especially the large ones from the devonian period dunkleosteus.The other ones like Mosasaur,Ichtyosaurs or pliosaurs are also not in the game.I don’t know why ludia stick to the megisto and edaphosaurs like creatures from a long time.We want sea dinos.

we need to stop with the aquatics. it just doesnt make sense with the map


Not all of us want aquatics it just wouldn’t fit in with the map at all .

I want aquatics but please, don’t call them “sea dinos”


They could make aquatics work IF they made an entirely separate map just for them. They would need separate arenas and strike events anyway, so a separate map is the next logical step. Plus having them only spawn in real life water is just unfair to many players. It could definitely be done with a separate map though. The real question is what that would do to the games file size and performance.


Depending on how many creatures are added, and the new features needed ( a new sanctuary system, new map, different strike towers, likely different but similar darting technique, etc.) it may become almost 2/3 larger, with the store not really being affected and the dino deck only increasing like normal. The clans wouldn’t be heavily affected, maybe just a different button for aquatic sanctuaries, but it would likely become too big too handle for most older phones.

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Just make new game (lmao jk)


Shh don’t give them ideas on how to make another thing we would love unbalanced as all get out.


I can’t decide if I want marine reptiles. On one hand… MOSASAURUS, on the other hand I don’t want a mosasaurus flopping around in the battle arena when facing a Indominus Rex :grin:


new map
new aquatic arena
jwtg did it
we can too

Bro,it may be little off-set but like our flyers like haasts eagle,they found in arid region mostly and like our large pteranodons,they basically found near the shores or near the basins but in our game they find all over the place specially on gardens…it doesn’t make any sense at all

I think ludia has to adjust with their biome findings…it’s simple

Actually and it directly,for our better understanding we can call them sea dinos

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Exactly,the game file size
I like ur view but I think a separate day with an increase rate of spawning and with little adjustments in the biome spawning it can be done with much lesser effort

You’re kidding, right? While they lived with dinos, they weren’t dinos themselves. Calling them sea dinos is just wrong. Aquatics or Aquatic creatures would work much better.

Who doesn’t want the creatures like mosasaur.and lipluerodon the are massive and badass with large devastating Jaws.
And actually it’s not like flopping it’s like levitating and it looks awesome,u can see this in Jurassic world the game

Thing is that Minmi was talking about if they were on land as well, however that solution has already been presented. Have different arenas or backgrounds. If it’s aquatic vs aquatic, it’s the ocean. Land vs land, it’s the arena. Land vs aquatic, it splits to show the arena and the Mosasaur Paddock.

So be it
Go ahead with that…but u can Google it
Type the name mausa in the Google search bar and u can find it,the Google it self call with the- mausasaur dinosaur

Exactly it’s like that it’s not about separate map or other things

You mean Mosa? Also, doesn’t prove my point wrong that they aren’t dinosaurs