Where are the special event Dino's this morning?


Had a look for the special event Dinosaurs on my map this morning and they’ve vanished.
I thought they stayed 24hrs and we’re then replaced by a new one.
Can anybody tell me why?


Did you not read the announcement?
The event duration is 12 hours per day :wink:


I must have read it incorrectly…thanks for the reply.


You didn’t read incorrectly. It was 24hr but has been updated to 12hrs effective immediately a few hours ago. A lot of people are annoyed as this now focuses on the US market and people working 9-5.


Just as I was going to go to the nearest park by bus to see if I could get it on my way to a meeting today :expressionless: (live in the UK)


Ah…I was wondering. They dinosaurs were there 24hrs at the start like you say but I didn’t see any information to say the times were being reduced. Very poor to just change it like that.