Where are the strike boost towers today?

I can’t see any strike boost towers anywhere?

They’re there. There’s one on the road outside my neighborhood.

Thanks, I guess I’ll have to go out in the car later then.

The usual crap from Ludia when a new event takes the place of the stuff we actually want :roll_eyes:

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Update on this one is that on my iPad at home it showed a boost strike about half a mile away.

So I switch to my android phone to go out to get it, and it’s not there.

I ask my wife if she can see it, nope not there for her either.

So it looks like a drive is gonna have to happen.

Thanks Ludia for a crappy stun strike that’s not worth a :ok_hand: and getting me to have to get the car out again. This is a repeat of what used to happen when the maps were changed in the last mini patch.