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Where are the Sunsail TP in arena and Viking chest?

Come on Ludia, first you mess up with the early access for lots of people and now I can’t buy the 150 TP in the arena which will end in 45 mins nor are they in the Viking chest I am almost ready to collect. Please get this sorted!


In der Flugclub Truhe, in der Arena und in der Alpha Truhe sind keine Sonnensegel Windfang Vertrauenspunkte!
Bitte behebt den Fehler!
Bei jedem neuen Ereignis Drachen immer und immer wieder die gleichen Fehler!
Es ist zum heulen :frowning:

In the Flugclub chest, in the arena and in the Alpha chest there are no sun sails vestibules trust points!
Please fix the bug!
With every new event dragons keep making the same mistakes!
It is to cry for :frowning:

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Arena season has ended, it’s been an hour since the event has started. I’m getting the feeling Ludia is doing this on purpose

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Wir alle warten jetzt schon seit 1 Stunde auf irgendeine Antwort von euch… Keine Reaktion und keine Fehler Behebung - wir alle warten warten und warten… Echt Traurig ist das

We have all been waiting for an answer from you for 1 hour … No reaction and no error correction - we all wait, wait and wait … It’s really sad

Hey Vikings, thank you for reporting this to us! We’ve brought this up to our team. In the meantime, could I ask you to email our support team here at if you’re having this issue? It’d really help our team with their investigation.

Saw this, emailed support then went to game to find it all fixed! Will fwd email to support to disregard previous email!!!