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Where are the trades for Bucks gone?

I’m really scared! Ludia said that they’ll give us bucks via Facebook…nice
BUT now I have a problem! I no trades for bucks in the trade harbour…since 4 days!!!
I pushed the 50 b refresh button 4 times, the most you are able to , all 4 days !
The own I got was this…

Please Ludia say me, that you have reset the higher chance that chanya offers Dino Bucks!

When you have the same problem, please tell me!

I think you can only press the refresh button three times.
My experience tells me that if and when you get offers for dinobucks is very erratic now.
Sometimes I don’t get any offer for days, no matter if I press refresh or not. On the other side I got three offers in a row this morning which gave me more than 800 bucks in the end.
I just think the income is no longer as predictable as it was before. While I’m at work I often don’t have the opportunity to check trade harbor offers for many hours. So I’m afraid that I miss a lot of them.

They’re still here