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Where are these characters?

Don’t forget about Tiros, Raphael/Wyatt, Aesha/Samantha, Jasmin/Kayla, Dr Vile, Angel/Emmalyn, Brett/Susan, Jamie/Julia/Seth, Felicia, Dahlia/Rose they need love too

And we need the typed of gameplay we had with them in the beginning with 2-3 days worth the content NOT 1 or 1 and a half

I barely even got a day

You should move to the UK. :rofl: As we (technically) get two days of content.

I’d LOVE to live in the UK

It’s not bad here, even though some places are nicer to live than others. But that goes for every country.

it’s not so bad living in the UK, as long as you don’t mind the constant :cloud_with_rain:

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It’s not bad living in the UK, as long as you don’t live in London :rofl:

I’m honestly not complaining they’re not back. I’m low on gems and I’m now set on only play a character when I have enough for premium choices. Its safe to say I have a long list of characters waiting ahahahaha.