Where are they now?


I remember being a kid and I loved the Brontosaurus and Pterodactyls. I never hear about them anymore. Fell out of favor? Or are those just the general genus for a specific group of Dinos? Where my palentologists at!?


I wish they had Pterodactyls. Their special defense could be hovering so most dinos couldn’t hit them lol and their attack could be screeching or wing beating


Brontosaurus was a mixup. The wrong skull was placed on the body of another dinosaur. I forget the specific species, but that’s the gist of it. So, like Pluto no longer being a planet, brontosaurus is no longer a dinosaur. Our childhoods are a lie.


Brontosaurus became apatosaurus. If you like pterosaurs, check out quetzalcoatlus!


RIP my dear Pluto. You will always be a planet in my heart.


Brontosaurus no longer exists!??
You guys have crushed my soul.
More crushed than when Ludia only gave the cheaters a 24 hour ban.


Yeah, Littlefoot was definitely a brontosaurus when Land Before Time came out, but not the DVD says he’s an apatosaurus.


I think I mainly love quetzalcoatlus due to the game Ark. Such a great game.


Was sad to hear brontosaurus was gone but then found the wiki and a sci american article from 2015 saying it might be back?


Brontosaurus = Apatosaurus.

Pterodactyls/Pterosaurs - not dinos.


Brontosaurus was the name given to a specimen (later discovered to be Apatosaurus) that was found without a skull. When they decided to display it in museums, a Camarasaur skull was wedged onto the vertebral column. It wasn’t until much later that it was discovered to have been a case of mistaken identity. The name "Brontosaurus " was retired.


The 2015 article is just wishful thinking by a group of paleontologists who just can’t let the past go. (Pun intended)


Thanks. I’ve learned one thing: google rarely gets facts completely right. Haha.


It does exist. It’s still being debated. Anyone that says 100% either way is lying


It’s being considered as a name for a different dinosaur entirely. I’ve seen some articles that claim it’s a sauropod, some say it’s an undescribed species.


There is a brachiosaur named Brontomerus, though. Literally translated, it means “thunder thighs”.