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Where are they?


I‘m slowly getting sick of this…searching for some checkpoints and once I found some, no Ourano. Ugh, Ludia really…why…
Also no blue tower. You‘re not making me explore my area, you‘re making me drive the car because its freaking cold here and I don‘t wanna wall kilometers for a tower.

Plz, change it back.

I‘m having that problem since 1.5 in every event week but until now I kinda solved it but now enough is enough! Like seriously!!

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I found like 6 Ouranosauruses? (Idk what the plural of Ouranosaurus is)


@GermanRaptor It’s the same here. Feel your pain.


they’re in our world now.


I was about to make a post with the same complaint. There are NO green supply drops anywhere near me, I don’t understand. Is it because we all need Ourano?

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Zone 1 under green drops today - Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, and Ouranosaurus.


They’re all daytime spawns, I haven’t seen any tonight, except for Ourano.


Are you by any chance a God. Asking for a friend who is actually just me unable to find Ouranosaurus.


Not A god, just a dude who can ride public transportation back and forth for like 8 hours.


I love taking bus rides on my day off but I just have so much else to do!


Ray, when someone asks if you’re a god, you say YES!!



Still 0/9 tries. Great.


5/9 ourano but I had luck the 3 green drops here had oura but I had the problem last week only 1 green drop…I had to make a bus round drive to get all trexs and tomorrow in the morning I probably have to drive a bus round drive again to not loose the last attempts


I have about 5 surrounding my house at the moment. The park spawns that are spread out play a part