Where are you Barry?

Barry I’ve been searching far and wide, I couldnt find you anywhere until today, 127 of your dna was squeezed out of an incubator, you still need to grow to level 15, where you at Barry its not funny anymore


Been playing this game for two months and only seen 1 in the wild.

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Baryonx is a night only spawn in case that’s the issue.

I’ve seen a few in the wild, only managed to get mine to 15 yesterday. It and Secodontosaurus are the more commonly encountered epics near me.

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Common scents at night might help.

I had two barry spawns day before yesterday.

My boyfriend and I went off-trail and up a steep hill, through the woods, in the dark tonight just so we could reach one :joy::joy: We rarely get any!

I found three brachiosaurus tonight on my way back from the trip, when they could’ve been baryonyx :unamused:

I’m not the best darter when it comes to brachiosaurus, probably get less than 100 on average. Nearly have 2,000 saved up. I tell myself where are you baryonyx?

My Barry is sitting at level 14 because I haven’t seen a single one in MONTHS! And I go out hunting at night pretty often!

Even though they’re technically a global spawn… i live in L1 and see them pretty often, once or twice a week typically (more frequently than my local epics)

Best time is early morning to get one, I start work early and get 3/4 in the morning 04:00- 05:30, but not been out hunting for them in a while tho.

I never see Bary which is why my Posti is now lvl 17 and growing!