Where are you Ludia?!

We can’t accept “they are looking into it” as an answer right now. These two issues directly affect how the game is played. We need to know that they are working on them and what steps they will take to make them right. And also the expected timeline of the fixes.


Ludia answer: we don‘t care, here is your 200 HC compensation


Also, here’s another VIP advertisement to go with that daily incubator. Aswell another boost sale for VIP.

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Hi there, thank you for your feedback. I will be sure to pass this along to our team.


Thank you very much @Eugene! We really appreciate it :green_heart:


Some of the issues that you addressed in this thread are issues that have been made aware by the team and could be found in the Update 2.13 Known Issues Thread! I understand your frustration though, and the team is actively working on fixing the issues.


They have been addressed which is nice. I also appreciate that they “are working on fixing them as quickly as possible”, though I feel like it’s been too long for just that. It took a week just to get the acknowledgement!

I feel like these issues deserve more communication. They have tremendous impact on the player base. We’ve been lucky so far that sanctuaries have lasted so long. But they are resetting in a few days. As for the exploit, I haven’t directly been affected but every single fair playing battler has/is being affected. It’s a really big disadvantage for those of us legitimate players.


So… Apparently you don’t actually care?

If you cared you would, hmm COMMUNICATE with us - like we’ve been asking for YEARS.

Going around deleting post from customers trying to communicate with you (yeah we see you) about serious problems and concerns is NOT the way to go.

You want us to believe we’re are being heard and our concerns are being considered… This doesn’t make me feel like that’s true at all. This is not going to work!

You can definitely censor us here as much as you like. But we are unsatisfied and nothing can stop that. It’s going to show here shortly… strongly


I’ll share this here, the correct way to contact support or Ludia is through support+forums@ludia.com.

As you were informed 3 hours ago by Eugene, the issues were addressed in the thread linked in the post and while frustrations can be understood there are correct channels to share information and not through personal email address which not only would not get things seen by the correct people but are a violation of our rules.

Welp, they may as well stop selling FIP packs at this point. I don’t see a reason to purchase any if we can’t share our sanctuaries.


Personal email to Marcus seems to be the only way that we have gotten you all to respond. Customer service does nothing. Calling you all goes straight to voicemail even when calling Marcus with no return calls back. I tried that several months ago and still haven’t received a call back. Is it going to take everyone leaving the game for you all to wake up? I’m not being mean. I’m truly upset after spending 1,000 of dollars on this game. I’m sure that this post will get deleted or hid like several have already today.


I’ve already said this in the 2.13 issue thread, but reiterating it once again.

Please provide an update, which is specifically for fixing the already existing bugs. We are happy to get the robust game free of errors, than getting the new creatures/move sets/features with glitches.

Just adding to the sanctuary glitch, a guy in my alliance left to share sanctuary between alliances, and now he’s locked out of our alliance. He can’t join our alliance by himself, or even using the alliance invite sent by the leader. He’s stuck in limbo, can’t join any alliances now - but both the alliances (own & jumped one) are having him under their alliance.

Things like this, will affect the alliances as a whole. Even if only one player is affected, it will certainly create a displeasure towards the game for other 49 players.


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Wonder how much of these problems are directly caused by posts on here fb and other places that insisted on changing things. Expect it to get worse….Watching

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While there’s always a cause/effect relationship going on (aka “listening to the customers”) I’d just point out that no one asked for what we’re seeing at the moment.

There’s a difference between bad ideas and bad coding.


Asked for change. This will be interesting. And the effects as well.

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I’ve seen some very good ideas on here that haven’t been used. And I’ve seen many bad ideas go unused as well. I can’t really think of any features that have been proposed and then used or changed in game.

There were been things we asked for like a unique sauropod, for example which was added after some discussions here. There differently have been things we asked for that got added. While most changes did not go as hoped, from my recollection.

There have been plenty of calls for nerfs that may or may not have been justified, but I’m not sure how much if any was used.

And as @Somedinoguy said, we didn’t ask for this.

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Wow I thought they had simply banned me from support. All of you too? And they compensate you as well? I knew they were failing pretty badly but this is unacceptable. Google Play Support has had several tickets sent their way for these guys not following their own “Terms of Service”.

No not me. Someone in my alliance group.

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I’ve written Lydia an email about the posti raid hit box being way to big and got, thanks for your response, we’ll forward this on. Like basically, go talk to the wall over there. I’m really glad their open line of communication is working. These recent bugs are totally not acceptable!