Where are you Ludia?!

I’ve written Lydia an email about the posti raid hit box being way to big and got, thanks for your response, we’ll forward this on. Like basically, go talk to the wall over there. I’m really glad their open line of communication is working. These recent bugs are totally not acceptable!


I’ve had good support from Ludia. It may take 5-7 days sometimes but I always get the help I need.

I thought until recently they were just good with their customer support.

I’m seeing otherwise now. :flushed::rofl:


I even sent them a video of what I was talking about. I was hoping to get a response that was more personable, not the “yeah we hear you, but we don’t care about that since we’ve known about it since introducing the raids” haha. Oh well.

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One of my biggest gripes is the requesting dna. You request it, and members can’t fill it up. So it just sits there for 6 hours and you get 3/4 of the request.

That’s still an issue?! I have been claiming partially completed DNA requests but I never thought anything of it. I thought it was fixed.

I’ve also had it where I go to claim and seems stuck, but I find that I get the DNA even though it doesn’t show it when I try and claim.

Yeah it’s still an issue. I know it’s an issue because I have an alt in the alliance I’m in and I try to donate and it says it’s full even though It says 425/500. We had the issue with bumpy this past Sunday. I only got 200 and another person only got 225 because it kept saying it was full.

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And they had the nerve to ban people who were genuinely upset and even asked their credit card companies what the terms were. If you purchase a goods or service, they have to provide support (Ludia terms of service) or at least it used to be until they changed it recently with the influx of support needed. Now they label their app as “as is” which is as good as buying a used car… Seriously look it up… credit card companies state that if you are not receiving customer service for ANY reason you can get refunds. They will block you either way. What’s the point even with this game?


Is the game bad enough already that their actions have somewhat barely but enough grounds to be taken to a legal court?

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I have people donate and it won’t even show up in my DNA inventory… No kidding. Multiple times my alliance has donated and shown numbers and the game simply doesn’t register… Support? “you have been flagged for spam blah blah blah”

Is possible… Not sure how though…

Problem is, once you downgrade your engine and platform to “as is”, anything goes… Pretty cheesed last minute, last ditch effort to avoid serious problems.

BANNING PEOPLE FROM CUSTOMER SUPPORT is also not a very good look either. Google play reviews have spiked recently with people who are beyond mad about Ludia’s utter lack care on all levels.

They even close down forums where genuine veterans of the game are just simply done. No customer support, just close the thread and move on… They don’t care at all.


All goodbye/quitting threads are closed though.
I think they made that change sometime in 2018 so it was to be expected.
Wish they would lock fake patch notes posts too.