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Where art thou

Where did all the triceratops go?? I used to see atleast 1/2 p day. I now have been relying on guild donations. On a plus note, epic spawns seem to have been increased :slight_smile:

Its a park spawn :wink:

Park spawns, unfortunately. I get some when I run scents in the parks. Occasionally I get a wild one.

Just a couple lately when I make my park runs. Sure hope hunting becomes fun again soon.

It wasn’t always like that though? Did it become park spawn along with stego? Shame the parks in our village (which show as parks on google maps) aren’t recognized in the game :frowning:

The whole park only spawn idea was unfortunately a fail. Sorry to sound negative…

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The park where I go is glare ice the whole way and will be until a warm up in a month or two.

No, I used to find tons of them all over the place pre 1.5.

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OP, say this same thing to erlikosaurus, ankylosaurus, sinoceratops, kentrosaurus.

I love park spawns! I mean a dino I can only get at a specific location, awesome. And with winter, all of the parks close at dusk and it’s dark when I get out of work. Sweet! I can get ticketed just to get a few stegos that may not even show up. Great job, Ludia! You really care about your players. But hey, so long ad they keep buying those over priced scents and OTO!!

It’s fitting to use a quote from a tragedy to discuss the spawn issues😂

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…wherefore art thou Rexy-o!

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