Where best to use the Ankylosaurus dna?

Never thought I’d say this but I have some leftover Ankylosaurus dna after leveling up my Tryko. Which dino will be the best investment of Ankylosaurus dna now? Rajakylosaurus? Diorajasaur? Or continue with Trykosaurus?

That’s a really tough choice. I have both Dio and Rajakylo on my team right now… love them both to death. Personally, I view Dio more as a swap-in, while Raja can be a swap or a stand-alone.
Don’t have any Anky to level them cause I’m tryin to make Tryko :cry: so they’re both still base-level.
Edit: I forgot 20 isn’t base for Raja lol

As cool as tryko is, I’m investing all anky into raja. Mine is only 21 right now, but it’s a beast with crit + counter doing 700 + 700 dmg to armored dinosaurs and 1k + 1k to non armored.