Where can i find people that want to do the apex raids?

where can i find people who will or WANT to the apex raids nowadays??

Just use the auto search

But if i dont have a boss near me and i still want to do the raid but dont or cant go out side what then?

I’ve already proposed several times, solo raids would solve this problem with raids of old apexes, like: Ceramagnus, Hadros Lux and Mortem Rex.

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which ones can you do? got a powerful thor o tuaramoloch? :sweat_smile:

Only a lvl 26 2100 attack 5062 health 131 speed thor and i could lvl it up but cant because i only have 30k/120k coins needed

I also cant get touramoloch because i dont have any stigy dna left after i lvled up my ankylomoloch to try to get ankylos lux but i ran oit of dna after lvl 22 and i can i think lvl it up to lvl 23 or 24 so cant grt touramoloch

Also most ofnthe time when they come around i cant reach them to do a raid of any kind and what im trying to do is find a way to do them when i cant reach them!

You have discord by any chance? If so can help u out with some strats especially some carry strats we run.

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for apex raids thors should have at least 2500+ attack and it should not be faster then tuoramoloch, most people keep their tuoras at basic speed thats 126

here’s an example of raid strategy.

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Yeah i do have discord

Also. i dont realy have any attack boosts but what your saying is that i need to take off some speed boosts and put on more attack boosts untill 2500 attack basicly.

SNICKIS#1391 is mine if you want to find me can send u some of the more common strategies alot of people use plus get u added on my friend list in game to help as possible

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Alright. This text will be blurred