Where can i get more argentavis dna?

Mine is at level 9 and i need more for argenteryx do anyone of you have advices?

Argentavis is an event exclusive, your best bet is either the sanctuary or through donations.

It’s an event exclusive
Try requesting DNA and FIPing to level it up

Campaign/Sancs/Events/Thanksgiving scent/Requests

Oh bugger why is it an event exclusive

Probably becasue its going to get 2 more hybrids in the future that are busted :joy:
Would like another hybird but please let is be the eagle model not a flock :crossed_fingers:

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What course in the campaign can i get its dna i forgor :skull::skull:

Hello? Is anyone gonna answer my question

Bruh is no one gonna help at all or tell where i can get its dna in the campaigns?

Just had a quick look and its this stage

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Course 17 resistance level 6

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Wahoo i unlocked argenteryx in 5 tries or so

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Congrats :partying_face:

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Oh and i passed that one level in the unique test with touramoloch pterovexus dilora and stygidaryx with anurognathus and argenteryx

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