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Where can I get the velociraptors from the movies?

Where can I find echo delta ect ect? Should I try going to our local park? I don’t even care if they’re bad I just want them

They spawn in specific zones so (if its possible) just trot around your neighborhood and a little futher. If you can’t go for a walk its still okay because zones change every month


OK thanks I plan to ride my bike to our park soon jusy gotta get the derailur adjusted. I don’t really feel like going outside till then cause of covid. My brother said he caught echo or maybe it was one of the others around here but he also said he did vip so idk if he got it from that.

Yeah, you should have one that spawns more often than the rest in your zone, but the others can show up very infrequently. I have a ton of Delta dna myself.

Also, after the upcoming update, Blue will become available as a raid boss, so you can get her DNA from that as well.

If you ask your guild, they can probably put them up in sanctuaries so you can create them by slowly accumulating dna for them that way.

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Delta: Area 3, Day/Dawn/Dusk
Echo: Global daily, Saturday
Charlie: Battle exclusive
Blue: Event exclusive


How do u know what area you’re in

you can maybe go to a website called GamePress, they have a wonderful chart thing about spawns that help you find out what zone you are in by providing a list of what creatures spawn in certain zones and at what times.

If you can access raids theres a blue raid coming today

@Zeppyiscute you can also join an alliance that shares them in the sanctuary and react and feed etc. and you will have them in no time.

Just wait a few weeks, you’ll actually hate it when a rare spawns and it’s 1 of the raptor pack