Where’d the green supply drops go?

Since the last update, I’ve noticed that the traditional locations where green drops usually were now are just regular drops.

In my neighborhood, out of 20 visible drops, around 3-5 would be for weekly dinos… now I see 1.

Please Stopping fixing what isn’t broken.

(Mods… please forward this to developers if you wouldn’t mind @John & @Ned . Thanks guys!)

Hey @Hersh, I’m sorry to hear that you’re seeing such a small amount of Event Supply Drops in your area. We have been trying methods of spreading them out so that they can be more accessible to our players as a whole. We will pass along your feedback to our development team so that they can take it into consideration moving forward.


Pass thing along as well if you would my current view shows 7 white strikes, 2 scent 5 hybrid components, 1 blue strike, 2 green supply drops.

This is out of 20 some depots, these 1 battle strikes dont need to have such a high density… I wish they would be coded like chests to disappear off the map once there done… i normally atleast see 3-4 green supply drops but so many repeat strikes kinda makes that impossible.

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My current view shows 9 white strikes, 3 blue strikes, 4 event supply stops.
Of those, 5 of the white strikes are nearby, 2 blue strikes are nearby, and just 1 event supply stop is nearby, if you’d like to pass that along too. I had no problem with the way strike events were before (in fact, I’d even say there were too many before this lot appeared, considering how quickly you finish them).

At the very least, it would be nice if event stops weren’t constantly being overwritten by the strike events halfway during a set of dinos.

Or it would be good if the stop in the middle stayed as an event stop, still spawning event dinos. Why do they have to become red ones?

That’s the problem right there!

Why spread them out? Why not increase them so that other areas get covered? By spreading them out to help other areas that need it you are then causing the same problems for the other areas you are spreading them from.

The solution is simple. Just revert the distribution of event drops to pre v1.4 when it used to be good and boost areas that need them. Stop spreading it out and causing areas to become thinner.

Just increase not spread! It’s simple!

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Spreading them out is a good idea in itself but why must strike towers override event supply drops? It’s really baffling and reduces the numbers of such drops further.

I also like to add that it’s a pain in the royal booty to chase down event supply drops and only for it to give you 44 darts! For many times, this has occurred way too often (as I think the odds are much higher to get darts than the other rewards). Not too long ago, I literally walked between a couple event supply drops within a park and return back as they refreshed, I was so angry when 7/10 spins gave me 44 darts! This ain’t funny anymore. :frowning_face:

Hey Samguy, the Event Supply Drop is a great way to collect resources, but since the resources given are random, I understand that receiving only darts can be frustrating sometimes, especially if you were already maxed out on the number of darts you could hold. To take full advantage of the ESD, we recommend using up a couple of darts before opening the supply drops so when you do end up receiving a large number of darts, it can be collected.

I still have lots in my area. I can see approx. 25 drops from my house. 6 - 7 usually event drops. No change for me since migration. Was able to get 24 kapros in less than3 hrs last night, along with approx. 5 in the wild, 5 nodo’s in the wild, 3 baryonix, and approx. 15 vraptors and tarbos.

I think you’re in a very small minority as an overwhelming amount of players are having a different experience

…But congrats on your success!


I haven’t seen a T-rex since though. And still no, kentro, erlick, or sino. I still see lots of para though.

No green drops for me neither. I can see 15 drops from my home and only one of them is green and three of them are strike towers now. The one green drop is not close but about half a kilometre away along a road where cars drive guite fast, so that i dont wanna walk there too often. This is starting to be a bit too frustrating considering also that winter is coming and its about to get really cold here.

Even worse when the few green drops can taken up by a strike tower. I lost 2 of the 5 green stops near me to the same common stroke tower. Make parks green stops again and keep some random placement for other players.