Where’d you go ...I miss you so!


It seems like forever that you’ve been gone…


(Mods: Spawn Nerf is noticeable … plz forward to developers)


He gone.



I miss Stegosaurus


T Rex will be back once this weekend’s dinosaurs of the week is over.


I really hope you’re right @Colin_Goodman .
I’ve got some goals I need to hit before the new year rolls in :slight_smile::t_rex:


This weekend I was able to get my Indominus up to 20th, so I need some more Rex to make the Indoraptor. Hopefully she won’t stay scarce for long. :t_rex:


I miss Stego, my T-Rex rate doesn’t seem to have changed.




Feel bad for new players, they never will have overlevel indoraptor or tryko xd


I’ve gotten this far just because of the event.
Who knows how long it’s gunna take for me to finally hatch this guy! :older_man:t4:


found 2 today😍


Under green boxes? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve seen exactly one since 1.5.


honestly. 2 today. see usually 1 a day since 1.5


Really though it is naughty that during the Velo event they had fewer in the wild, then offered Velo scents for sale… now they are everywhere again… and again now with the Stegos… no doubt after the scent availability ends they’ll be back out more… and giving 10, 10, 10 infinity fuses on event dinos (T-Rex and Sino) while the event is on… we all know the game but it’s a bit disheartening. I’m sat with my tinfoil hat on waiting until Wednesday min to fuse the DNA collected this weekend :confused:


I freaking miss ouranosaurus…


Dont worry apex scents are gonna be the next ones in the store… with a chance for trex as an epic.


Yeah this sucks they even nerfed the gen2 spawns which used to be like pidgeys till they where needed for a tyrant class dino!


Stegosaurus is now a park spawn, which is one of the biggest reasons players have been seeing so few of them… Nothing to do with the scent advertising. Only so many dinos will spawn at a small to medium-sized park.


I saw 5-7 Rex a day before the update. Now I see one every few days if I’m lucky. We’re onto you, Ludia. Don’t make me cancel my VIP cause I don’t wanna feed into this kinda bs.