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Where’d you go ...I miss you so!


OMG seriously you people hide comments over nothing. As I was TRYING to say…I saw 5-7 Rex a day before the update. Now I see one every few days if I’m lucky. Considering cancellation of VIP since I don’t want to feed into such a grubby company. Also because VIP isn’t guaranteeing me wins like it’s apparently supposed to.




Nothing. Some people are simply sensitive and easily offended. So that’s the spfr who started the prior dscrd chat?


I’ve just caught a Rex, but I have to say since the update, almost all Rexes I’ve caught are restaurant nest spawns. A rex in the wild is really rare.


No, a different spfr.


Since 1.5, I’ve seen only 3 Stegosaurs in total - just one in a park.


Yeah and even the nest spawns are rare but the one ive seen was a nest spawn. I can hit 4 restuarant nest spawns at work and 2 gas station spawns. Sino as a nest spawn has always been a bit low… caught way more wild then nest. I think Rex as a nest may be Rarer then Sino.

Rex gen 2 meanwhile seems to have increased as a nest spawn… used to be rarer then gen 1 for me… now i normally get 1-2 a day as nest spawns.


usually there was only T.rex for global spawn at daytime but now they put more Brachy and Bary on daytime too. so the chance of T.rex show up is slighly low… :cry:


I realise this but stand by my therory… guess we’ll see when the capsule sale is over if it holds up or not. I’ve seen just 3 stegos in the wild at parks over the weekend (and 1 not at a park actually)… that’s in over 10 hours hunting.


Yap when i use scent at day time usually get 1 Trex, now just brachi haha.


there she is!! been looking for koola in forever…


yass!!! i needed those utahraptors…


The more often you post and pass the automated moderation the less likely your future messages are to be automatically moderated. The automatic moderation system hides posts from newer posters automatically. Don’t take it personally. It happened to me a lot in the beginning and now I don’t remember the last time I had a post hidden by the system.

If your post had been hidden by flagging, they would not be able to be seen as they are now. They would show as hidden and then you could click to see it. In your case the automated system flagged your posts, then when it passed moderation it was allow to be shown.


Two Utahraptors AND an Oranasaurus??? Dang, definitely a good day for you!


i also found a kentro and a concave. definately a good day.


Lol I’m pretty sure it goes off what you type so specific words or topics not how often you post or how many posts etc


Shes far from a newer poster… their are just some of us whos messages get flagged just cause we have been flagged as users…


yes!!! dracorex…


Dude! There’s an ourano right there!!!
Get that one first man,
Same thing with your other pic too with the 2 utahs!


Where do u live? How come good dna’s were spawned ur area… jealous here lol!!!