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Where’d you go ...I miss you so!


very flukeish day for me lol. but if you want to come visit Pennsylvania you are more then welcome my friend!!


The pictures accidentally show how bad the spawning is. There should be more than 3 dino’s on all those streets. Today the few are good when they are pigeons and rats you’ll notice how pathetic the spawn rate is. And find another game to play.

Looks like walk overs and nest spawns might be turned off deliberately.


Where in pa? Bout to make a road trip.


yes!! another dracorex!!



(JK @Pateradactyl)


I feel like he’s the new envy since @TyrannosaurusLex doesn’t see as many Sino’s anymore.


ofc you spawn out of my range as i sit down to eat my bfast😕


It’s like Sophie’s Choice…


sophies choice?


earlier today i found a dracorex gen 2!!


Aw ma you keep getting good stuff. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


@Pateradactylwhere do you live!!?!

Also. Stop this now you naughty boy :joy:


Here I am, finding Trex’s… but only the kind stuck inside strike events!! :cry:

Why the heck is this still an issue Ludia, really?!?!!?!?

(Yes, I did get him out by “darting” a nearby, but shouldn’t have to resort to that!)


Nodo!! Yeesss!! Now I can finally start fusing my Nodopatosaurus :partying_face:


And 20 minutes later a park event tento! Thought I wasn’t going to finish hitting all 24 of those but just in time! :sunglasses:


No fair!! I haven’t seen a golden goose in over a month!


So thats how the gen 2 is made :thinking:


haha i love it!!


got a lead on a possible anky spot by a carwash… going to go investigate.


meh… it was a bust!! i thought it was odd that an anky spawned in a L3. did get these though.