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Where’d you go ...I miss you so!


finally an appatosaurus!!


@Pateradactyl I wanna flag you so bad :joy:
Where’s the rex DNa gunna go ?


im just going to stack it. wont touch it untill i have a few thousand. im really hoping that with the next patch or sooner, trex will be more frequent. and currently there are just to many ways to go with it. so i dont really know.


That’s fair … indo is a safe bet but with tryko and Erlidom becoming the beasts they are, you really can’t go wrong


well. tryko im waiting on to many components so that might be the last created. erlidom i have yellow bird for but at 200 a pop im looking at only level 21. throw stones at me but i prefer irex over indo for some reason.


I’ve been noticing it getting more and make popular lately … even found a few indoms level 24+ in the aviary recently


i think ppl went that way after mimus nerf, as i thought of doing it too. currently level 21 but i stopped after trex spawns got nerfed.


Forgot to post this the other day… it’s like they’re doing a sacrificial dance…

Humanana humanana humanana


With Barry looking on…

:scream::scream::scream: maybe this is what happened to rexy??!


Hahaha I totally didn’t even see the baryonyx in the background until you mentioned :sweat_smile:


Yesss Tuo! Only going to be one hit off the Dioraja after darting her :sunglasses:


In other news… actually saw Rexy today :scream::scream::scream::scream: only 2nd time since 1.5


I mostly get this :frowning:


Well I got this after ages


And also I have been seeing them a lot lately. From only 8 till a week ago I have gone pretty far and now I don’t even want to dart them as I see them or majungasuchus



I have got three rex in last 2 weeks. And a few brachi, baronyx, and a couple of kentro and sinos. One conca and 2 spin gen 2. Considering I used to get 4-7 epics in total in 2 weeks I think it got better for me but I would love more. Also saw an Barry , Sino and Trex together and my phone shut down. Till I got it on and started they were gone. So bad luck still following me


Urgh :unamused: oh in bed and that little Karpo is just out of reach taunting me :sob:


Will try GPS jumping to get it…


If not then I guess the Sino will do


you got me on the sino… i never see that bugger.