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Where’d you go ...I miss you so!


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And I get this at home

Sure glad I work in L2. It helps me actually look forward to going there.


Where do you live bro, a Minecraft server? So Jealous


Come on girl, don’t be shy. My meeting is just about to start and I can’t go out to get you.


crikey!! a wild stegosaurus!!


Finally saw a rex today first one since 1.5, I almost back flipped. 1 every 2 weeks damn lucky I have stock


dimetrodon and might aswell get the trex while im at it…


i hope that dimorphidon doesnt despawn :disappointed_relieved:


ini mini miny moe which to choose youll never know lol…


Never thought I’d actually do it!
Curse you @Pateradactyl :joy::joy:

(Just messin tho bro, congrats!!)





There he is!!! I’ve been looking for that sneaky euoplocephalus everywhere! :thinking::joy:



Sweet! An Apatosaurus! Just what I wanted!


look what i found while i was out riding my nodopatasaurus!!


Hehe oh that’s cute! “while out riding my nodopatasaurus” :slight_smile::slight_smile:

Great idea the Rexys don’t see you coming, they just see the Nodo so won’t be afraid & despawn away from you!


That bugger is soo hard to dart! I think I’ve gotten more than a 100 just once :joy:



Last three days. Apart from these another 13 more.


Well hello! That Gen 2 Rex is the same individual in both pics, see whats to the left and whats to the right of it; just a few mins ago :wink:


I’m not sure that triceratops is gonna do very well in this situation :fearful: