Where did all Apatosaurs go?


I‘m barely seeing some Apatosaurs even though I need them so bad for my Noodo (I need Noodo for Stegodeus…).
Few weeks ago, there were many Apatos in my area, day and night. No I don‘t see them anymore.
In some nights, I might see one or two but that‘s it.

Am I the only one? Really need Apato, and though she‘s a common she just disappeared now that I need her the most. How do you see it?

They don’t seem to be as common as they used to be but I still see them about here and there. Often i get one or two out of a scent device.

They are global dusk/ dawn spawns. They also nest in amusement parks.

Yeah just run a common scent and take a little walk at dawn/dusk

That kinda sucks, since those are the shortest windows. For me they are the times I’m least likely to be out.

Fun new word for the day: Crepuscular- active only at dusk or dawn.

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“resembling or relating to twilight”

At least, teach new words in the proper context: crepuscular has nothing to do with dawn. Good grief.

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i think this was probably one way they could slow down the stegodeus plague. just a little to late as most people’s are 26+ already

Do you know what twilight is? Its the time of day between day and night when the light is soft. It happens at BOTH dawn and dusk. Man, if you’re going to so aggressively call someone out, at least know what you’re talking about. Im a biologist, believe me when I say I know what crepuscular is.

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During darkest winter times here is only 5 hours daylight so we will have very short time to collect some day time only dinos. Hopefully they wont be then any good dinos :joy:

I fought a 28 yesterday. They swept me. I checked their roster after the fact, all their other dinos were close to mine, barely breaking low 20s. But that darn stegodeus… I wasn’t dealt the team to deal with it, and even if I had been, they would’ve been burned out just from taking out that tank.

mine’s 28. like 2/3 to 29. i dont think that’s they way to play though. it’s great if you get stegodeus, but if you don’t you can struggle. i win much more regularly now that my team’s levels are closer together.