Where did all my local Dino’s go?

Can someone please tell me why I no longer have any Dino’s in my area anymore. I use to be able to go to my game and there would alway be some. But now there aren’t any at all!

Because greed.
Just buy the dino scents and incubators.
You’ll get Dinos.
Spawns have been nerfed.

That’s not fair. So I have to spend money now

Wow I’ve alre spent hundreds on this damn game. Just because I want to not because I have to tho. WOW

What do you mean? You don’t see any dinos at all?

Maybe one a day. Maybe. I have to go drive around now

And before the capsule thing they use to be all over within my reach. SMH

So you only see one dino a day if you don’t move?