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Where did all the dinos go?


Perhaps I’m just crazy but it seems like the number of dinosaurs available has decreased quite a bit. I check during my errands and places where I found tons of dinosaurs before are now scant. Like stores, libraries, schools, … my neighborhood use to have them everywhere and now it’s one here, then go a street over and there’s one there; and so on.

I realize Ludia wants to make money and hoping people buy the incubators, scent capsules and the VIP package but technically the game is free. And making alliance missions near impossible to complete. Hard to stay interested when it’s dwindling in variety and opportunity.

Here’s to hoping the dinosaurs return LOL

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Diplocaulus says “Hi!”

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It’s interesting as I noticed that as well. Most of the time I could see many common dinos around but now their numbers have decreased. :confused:


Of the dinos that are available there sure isn’t a shortage of those LOL


It’s just frustrating cause I’m sure we all want to play, but why should we spend our time hunting if the options are limited.


This is my question too i am having a hard time getting darts shots in because there arnt any dinos to dart.