Where did all the paralux oops sorry go

ever since the end of the the last ournie and i mean as soonas it finished i have not seen a single one i have a route i do which has like 12 short throw spawns on it, during the tournie i would get maybe aone if lucky 2 a day, but ever since not a single one.

Also others in the alliance are sayign the same thing…did you run out of them?

yeah sorry parra lux


Thats very strange, I’ve ran into plently of them so far, I even run it

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Do you mean Para Lux? You can’t dart Parasauthops.

But if you’re talking about battling them they’re still plenty running around.

I dont even get one para lux a month.


Haven’t seen one in a year outside of special events.


yes darting paralux is what i meant not enough coffee

Thats a travesty, you must get yourself a cup.


I got one yesterday

thanks i did and thats great 1 person got 1 since the end of the tournie…great odds that :stuck_out_tongue:


Latest one found was on 26 feb 2022 (that was the day I unlocked it)

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I saw one yesterday. Infact I almost see it everyday.

I got one earlier this month I think they may have nerfed its spawn rate.

I saw one yesterday. Normally I see a few a week.

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ok so like three weeks since that last post and still not a single one @Ned mind asking the devs what is going on this is getting beyond a joke


I had a Para Lux spawn at my house a few days ago

It’s just a rare chance to find them and the spawns are completely RNG based.

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the fact that you saw them that often before is a miracle. I almost never, ever see them. I could drive for an hour and not see one, yet some people sit in their house and see them all the time. I am not sure how the mechanics work, but sometimes I wonder lol

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3 weeks ha ha try 12 months!


my point is the parra tournie i figured out a route about 10km long and every day i would see one maybe 2 as soon as and i mena the second the tournie ended not one nothing nada zip along the same route or anywhere else i tried. again refer back to its a joke

But has anyone seen a para lux at night?

Just got my third ever one!!!
As an added bonus it was enough to finish fusing parat up to lvl 23 too.