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Where did all the PVP players go?

For the longest time I couldn’t understand why players were complaining about PvP having too many bots but now I’m lucky if I get one actual player a day. I’m trying to figure out if I’ve just hit a dead spot in the player base or what so I’m inviting everyone to share a few stats about themselves:

Trophy count (I’m at 2501)
Character levels (mostly 11, one 12 and one 10)
When you do PvP (once or twice every few hours throughout the day)

Trophies: 1600ish
Arena: 5
Character levels: Mostly 8. one 9 recently got one level 10 (wizard) <- this one breakpoint got me from 1380 trophies to the 1600’s in 2 days. It’s how much difference access to legendary items makes.
When do you PVP: Only when I have a spare chest slot and only because I have to engage in PVP to get more chests. Otherwise I wouldn’t touch it at all.
The PVP system is absolute garbage and frustrating to play. The random team assignment frequently means I have a team composed of my weakest characters with little to no synergy and I’m frequently matched up against teams with character levels +2 above my own sporting equipment and abilities I don’t have (legendary / epic items).

If you want people to play PVP more often then here are some suggestions:
1. Reduce the unlock timers on chests. You can reduce the rewards by a commensurate amount if you’re worried about players progressing too quickly, just shorten the timers. instead of 3h, 8h, 12h. try 1h, 3h, 8h. meaning players can still queue an 8h chest to unlock over night while they sleep / work a job but will be encouraged to engage in PVP more often for those 1h chests.

2a. Have the match making factor in character levels and gear type (epic / legendary etc) in the matchmaking algorithm. Currently I suspect there are some players (or bots) that deliberately torpedo their own scores by AFKing to drop their trophy levels down so they can then get easy wins. I’ve come across several matches where I was heavily out levelled, out geared but the opponent AFK’d the whole match. I didn’t deserve to win, but I’ll take it.
2b. Related to the above re: character levels. there are very specific breakpoints where epic / legendary equipment becomes available. level 8-9 characters should not be matched against level 10+ characters. Level 8’s should not be matched against level <8. The epic / legendary effects on equipment offer near insurmountable advantages against characters that don’t have similarly powerful gear pieces.
eg. level 10 shevirath w/disintegrate. pretty much will one shot a character at the start of the match. only counters are: your own disintegrate shev with a luckier initiative roll or calliope w/dominate & a luckier initiative roll, or getting a taunt up first to eat the attack on a non-vital character.

3. For the love of god, get rid of this random team composition BS. Or at the very least restrict it to the top 6 heroes a player has. Give the player a bit more control over what they are going to be issued in these battles. Otherwise it’s just a crapshoot. It’s completely and utterly un-fun to be put into a match you have no hope of winning. It’s okay to be put into a match and lose because you were outplayed or you made a mistake in your decision making (eg. moving a tank forward with no one behind him and he gets knocked back again). It’s not okay to be put in a match where you have no hope of winning at all becuas the opponent has: more heath, more damage, takes less damage (all due to level disparity and the way damage scaling works with that) and has access to super abilities and effects that you don’t. That’s just a horrid experience.
the counter argument to that is, of course, “but it’s fun for the people in the god-like powers and one day you’ll be in their shoes” except that’s just a ponzi scheme. Keep the matching fair and it’s a more rewarding experience for everyone. When you win you feel as though you earned it. When you lose you feel as though you could have won if you made better decisions, or got a little bit luckier with your effect proc rates.

How do you determine if you are up against a bot? I have assumed I was up against one by the name. But then they sent me an emote. I usually emote and if it is a real person sometimes they emote back. But is there something else that’s a give away?

It’s less obvious now, but before they took actions immediately and could skip turns. I’d have to take a look now as to what is the clear giveaway

Name usually shows you it’s a bot. RedPaladin, EvilGnome or any type of such two words in a name, with both starting with a capitalized letter, and that second word is connected to D&D in some way (class, race, monster…).


I’ll just leave this here:

I didn’t realize those were all bots. They could at least run real people’s teams vs bot teams with a bunch of legendary items. I think it’s time to delete.

Yup they’re all bots. I think the dearth of players in Arena 7 is directly related to the length of the Explore campaign. After you beat that (which I’m pretty sure you can do around level 12 or so unless there’s a massive last-minute difficulty ramp), you’re not working towards anything other than completionism and no one’s gonna pay money for that so it’s either grind for months on end (the experience per level shoots up like crazy past 10) to get barely anywhere or just quit.

I actually prefer the mindless grind specially at work :slight_smile:
But yeah the PvP system needs a complete overhaul. There’s no incentive to actually continue PvP after the your slots are full. They really need a global ranking system with a prize for top 10 and do a reset end of every month as someone has mentioned already. This will keep people working toward a goal and keep things interesting for a while…

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A price for top 10 is just a bonus for the top paying players, this solution would get criticism as well


Simple fix: prize for people that participated, remember even though you can keep buying things with $$ you can’t get your guys to lvl 20 with just $$$. I believe someone here ran out of things to upgrade and they’re stuck on lvl 17 after spending like $30k…

I guess it’s good to know that even if you’re a massive whale you still have a little bit of restriction and a lot of grinding to do, and usually when people spend that amount of $$ and didn’t fully complete everything they eventually quit :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously!!! That’s a car! Or even a house in some places… wow…!

I did the back of the envelope calculations for that amount. It was based on some assumptions which may not be accurate.

Curiously, she disappeared shortly from the forum after saying that her successful YouTube channel funded her spending.

Feel free to arrive at your own conclusions.

@retsamerol you may not be off by much, I mean she did say most if not all of her legendary gear were maxed out…

Honestly, priority needs to go to FIXING THE DAMN INITIATIVE SYSTEM. Ensuring players take alternating turns no matter what (in the name of fairness, I guess) requires the stupid “sometimes your status effects fail” fix, which has cost me more matches than I can count.

Case in point, one team has Shevarith with a level 7 Wizard’s Hood while the other team has all 4. In the current system, almost the entire cooldown period will occur while the opposing team is recovering from disable. Shevarith is free to wail away with her basic attack (which is probably the lightning or fire attacks that have a decent chance of hitting most if not all enemies) for 4 straight turns before the opponent has a chance to get in a single attack, after which Shevarith recasts Darkness and the cycle repeats.

And to be honest, I don’t think anyone would complain if the initiative for PvP always begins with players alternating. It’s the constant changes to ensure it stays that way that break everything.

pvp is thw worst part of the whole game i often leave it not getting chests they decide in advance who shall win and so you come to encounter completely driven they make enemy avoid your attack at the right moment you can clearly see by how the encounter is going if you have to win or to lose that i don’t think there is pvp at all it is probably always against bot of programmers and it is completely false they mak eyou do less damage if you have to lose while your adversary do max damge they rule it completely and so you feel completely out of control of pvp…this is the worst feature ever of the game.As I say i often don’t do it it makes you only upset angry ,and it is only a stress as it is so i usually leave my team battle alone till i go back to a point where i win for sure and even there often they want you to lose even if your team is 6-7 levels more then enemies and so they make the connection jump and do other strange things…PVP in this kind of pay to win games is made to make you feel you don’t choose right heroes so you have to change them and so it slow down your growth because they will do the same going on when you develope other heroes ,this is all made by programmers to slow you down…or to make you pull other heroes up by spending money to not fall too much behind…

Just gonna stop you right there. If one person killed off everything else and left the enemy shevirath for last then they have made terrible decisions and deserve to lose.

Target priority is a thing and people need to learn / figure that out. That is literally what separates a good player from a bad one.

Sheviarths disintegrate insta-killing a target in the first turn without them having a chance to do anything defensively to stop it, is a problem. There is no counter play for that. Shevirath and and Saarvin’s “aoe on basic” is a problem. There is no counter-play to stop that.
If either of those two characters have the first turn they can one shot anything from one target guaranteed (disintegrate) to your entire team (saarvins aoe on basic + fury) before you even have a chance to do anything to stop them.
THAT is a problem.

You can prevent situations like the one you described or the dreaded ‘halbenet solo wiping a whole team because he keeps proccing revive all the time’ situations very easily by not leaving them for last.

Don’t even track trophies… just keep fight’n until I get a chest. In chauntea citadel (arena 5) currently. Really like how close some battles are (or how a crit can totally turn a battle) for level range. Had trouble with the dragon face messages & haven’t seen any for weeks. My character levels … top is 11 cleric… low is 7 warlock…half are 10 & rest are 8or 9… my fav move is dragonborn archer flick’n the whole row into the flames of defeat…