Where did all the raptprs go?

Hey guys,

I feel like since 1.5 90% of the velociraptors went extinct.
I‘m driving almost every night through the city and I‘m also hunting them at dawn. But there are nights I won‘t see any of them and I could call me lucky if I‘d manage to hunt one or two.

It‘s pretty frustrating because before 1.5 I had like 12-15k raptor DNA and I collected 2-2,5k per night sometimes more.
I could‘ve started fusing Indoraptor some time ago but now the lack of Veloci DNA is pretty big and I‘m not moving forward.

Someone else having this problem? U know point is that before 1.5, Velociraptor definitely has been a common and I‘ve seen and hunted many of them at night. But now the area‘s dead and flooded with Einias, Nundas and -sigh- Diplos.

I really feel like Ludia reduced their spawns way to drastically. Hell, even in alliances her DNA is very wanted. -.-


They nerfed the spawns so they can sell more raptor scents… like they did with everything else haha

Oh right I forgot this. So they really were so crazy and did this. Wohooo…:expressionless::expressionless:

If you think Veloci is hard to find, wait till you start looking for Dillopho Gen 2 in parks, lol.


Oh I did so long but luckily there were some players in my alliance helping me out.
And once I had Tyrannolopho with donated DNA, I got two incubators with tons of Dilopho Gen2 DNa. :joy:

I think it depends on the city you live in. Yes Raptor spawns diminished after 1.5 but I still find them at night while I drive back home. Went from 4K DNA to 25k in a week.

These spawns were nerfed quit a while ago. In the summer or before I believe. We used to easily get 10 -12 k per account in a few hours at night. Now maybe 2,000 but we don’t go out just to catch them anymore since we all have indo. We still have approx. 100,000 between our accounts to trade.

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Do you have good public transport in your city? They spawn near public transit stops, so buses/trains/metros etc.

Yeah I do I live in Bremen. :slight_smile:
And I‘m also driving to Hamburg sometimes.

Hmmm I’m sitting on 30k raptor dna … I still see a lot of them :woman_shrugging:t2: Trex however :expressionless::expressionless:

plenty of raptor out my way. i dont see a change

I was closing in on 50,000 velo dna until I decided to use 30,000 today.

This right here is the problem. The significant imbalance of spawns in cities and surrounding areas… some people get tons of raptors and/or epic spawns in their area, others can go days without seeing a single epic spawn no matter how many miles or hours they try…


I’m not saying I get thousands every night. A major chunk of mine was from a couple weeks of velo events and going exclusively for them. On a typical night, I’ll see four or five.

Raptors are still plentiful at night. Just not as much as they used to be.

There is an imbalance with the spawns. The game seems to cater to certain areas same way pogo catered to big cities and sponsored malls. It would be nice if there were no locals and no day/night spawns. Everything should have a chance to spawn every where at any time of the day so everyone has the same opportunity. The way it is now some people never get to play in certain locals or are restricted playing day or night due to family needs or personal needs.


Same here I feel lucky when I see one. Drastically changed since 1.5, regret to not start every single one I saw before