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Where did all the spawns go?

Seemingly every patch, spawns have decreased. Even when they introduced daily dinos, due to “player feedback” they decreased spawns. Patch 1.10 just came out and they decreased daily spawns again (who really had issues with this). But now it seems that even weekly event Dino’s and spawns on general have gone down. These past 2 weeks have been especially awful as I am seeing almost no event dino spawns. What is going on? It used to be where we had so many spawns it was hard to choose what to dart. Then it became more about picking which Dino’s to dart as there was fewer spawns…now it seems like you gotta dart what you can cause the spawns are almost rare now? Anyone else noticing this?

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There has been a reduction in spawn points for me too. I used to have 2 of them right at my house (4 if I’d go to the kitchen). Well, not anymore.

I made a thread about this too @EXCheeky I hadn’t seen yours. It appears there are a few threads with different titles all regarding this issue. So it’s not just us.

In general I do not have a decrease in random spawns. While riding I have an increase. My phone vibrates now more than ever with dinos spawning.

As for the green supply drops though, you’re right. You better dart what you see because you’re probably not going to find all attempts on the creature you want. At least not this week.

It’s a shame because it holds us back from maxing coins as well as our favored dino(s) to dart.

I hope this is corrected for an increase in green supply drops on the map before the rare event is over and the epic begins.

Daily dinos for day specifics shouldn’t have decreased either. Heck you have 1 day for stego and all the other good creatures on Saturday lol

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Incase people need proof on what I am saying too. This is my local hunting grounds

Daily spawns are so dead in here. I found only 3 hatzegopteryx on monday.