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Where did all the useful Dino’s go?


Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus, and many others are not as common as before. These are needed for hybrids! I don’t need einosaurus. The only thing that Dino makes is einosuchus, which makes Sarcorixis. However I can’t continue leveling her up because no one has any Sarcosuchus DNA! I asked for one of these certain Dino’s, and I either get 0 to 220 for the commons. For the rares like maybe 20-40. I’m in a good alliance too. So I need einosaurus out and a useful Dino in. Please and thank you.


How about dilopho … I don’t know anyone that is willingly giving lots away.


Yeah a lot of people have been very stingy lately. However, it’s probably because they need it to level up a hybrid of some sort. I was going to put dilo on there. I just put some to name a few.


Migrated. Maybe they’ll come back in the spring


I live in L1 :grinning:
Proof: just darted majundasuchus 5 min ago


Para: Still see it plenty in it’s local, fine to me.

Stego: Stupid park spawn, but at least it’s been featured recently

Spino: About as common as before, kind of a middle ground between the super common rares and the super uncommon rares.

Overall spawns are really meh currently, definitely hoping for a migration soon. :roll_eyes:

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Ludia wants you to buy them, hence the nerfed utahraptor spawns. But, hey, you buy the incubator. It’s the same thing they did with raptors a few months back. Ludia and their greed knows no bounds.


I see oodles of utahraptor daily. I think it just depends where you are.

In our Alliance, most requests get filled. Right now the only ones I see not completely filled is Dilo because we just had the Ourano event so everyone has been requesting it since, but they still get to at least 300. All other rares usually get filled or just about filled, save Irritator but even that I see at least a few hundred per request. Everyone in our Alliance is amazing and will typically even donate a few taps of something they need themselves for a dino they’re working on. Everyone’s teams have just skyrocketed from donations.

Spawns have definitely been nerfed, especially epics. Many people have even noticed specific dinos become non-existent in the wild when the store is selling something containing that dino (raptors and Rex when they were selling the Halloween incubators again, Rex now that they’re selling the guaranteed Rex incubator, and stegosaurids when they sold the Stego scents, etc). They claimed this “migration” on the last update like they were doing us some huge favor because people had been screaming for a migration for months…but I don’t think taking all the useful dinos from the wild and putting it in parks, and migrating all the park trash like Nunda and Majunga to the locals was exactly what people had in mind.

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Cause we have the best alliance ever

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Yes we do!

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T-rex, anki, sino, bari, velociraptor and a long long list.

The answer is simple: they went to the overpriced incubators and/or scents.


WHERES ALL THE TREX :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I did some serious hunting yesterday and saw 20! Epics, not a single trex have I seen since 1.5.

But also yes our alliance is :heart_eyes:


Found one Trex two days ago and yesterday one spawned, close to home, but couldn’t go out. It was close to change from day to dusk, so Trex changed to Bary soon. These were only Trexes seen in about two weeks (not counting event). And I need to lvl it up to lvl 20.


If it makes you feel any better, I found two T-Rex’s this morning while I was out after work just to burn a large scent capsule lol


So I must live in the equivilant of zone 3 part of the world because I rarely see any good spawns. Not sure why geographical location should even matter.


Where did all the useful dinos go? Well, they went to the online store, of course! Spend that moneeeeeyyyy!
Lol. :sunglasses:

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